World Council for Body Psychotherapy

Specific Aims and Tasks

1. The first specific aim is to integrate BP knowledge in the world – the integration of the best of the East and the West and further development of the idea of East-West wholeness. Any separation or splitting usually produces lies and pathology. Then automatically, we are creating a system of lies and alienation. But the important thing is to develop wholeness in consciousness, living and pulsating instead of dogma. 2. We can accept numerous of already present rules in WCP, EAP, EABP and add missing parts, considering our recent experiences. We can also fight against any kind of discrimination.

Length and content of Body psychotherapy training:

The total duration of the training will not be less than 3200 hours, spread over a minimum of seven years, with the first three years being the equivalent of a university degree. The final four years of the training must be in the framework of specific BP psychotherapy.

The training meets the ECP, EABP and WCP's criteria for basic professional training, and includes the following elements:

Personal Psychotherapeutic Experience, or equivalent. This should be taken to include training analysis, self-experience, and other methods involving elements of self-reflection, therapy, and personal experience (not less than 250 hours).

Theoretical Study

There will be a general part of university or professional training and a part which is specific to psychotherapy and BP. University or professional courses leading to a first University degree or its equivalent professional qualification in subjects relevant to psychotherapy may be allowed as a part of, or the whole of, the general part of psychotherapy theory, but cannot contribute towards the 4 years of specific psychotherapy training. Theoretical study during the 4 years (not less than 500-800 hours)of training specific to BP psychotherapy should include the following elements:

Theories of human development throughout the life-cycle
An understanding of other psychotherapeutic approaches
A theory of change
An understanding of social and cultural issues in relation to psychotherapy
Theories of psychopathology
Theories of assessment and intervention
Specific BP and TP theories.
Practical Training
This will include sufficient practice under continuous supervision appropriate to the BP psychotherapeutic modality and will be 3 years in duration (not less than 600 hours).
Placement in a mental health setting, or equivalent professional experience.
The placement must provide adequate experience of psycho-social crisis and of collaboration with other specialists in the mental health field.
At least 150 sessions of supervision are required.

3. Reality of our world is war for power. What will we do? What is the most mature attitude we can create in our power position? We might help by honest observation, awareness, etc. We must not prosecute, but communicate and support. It is very important to help healing of traumas, war traumas, multi-generations of traumatized people etc. We should pay attention on tendency for discrimination in similar continental or national organizations and undo it. We should fight against spreading of national, racial, political and religious hatred or other forms of discrimination among people. Maybe: Add a whole section about leaders discovering a way to work on their drives as it is described earlier in Dr Lj. Klisic theory.

4. We should find a place and dignified possibilities for different BP practitioners, especially the ones from the East who are not capable to travel and participate in meetings, membership, forums, etc. We can organize our communication in different ways – e-mail, Skype or similar. (In order to reduce details and keep transparency, to make difference between very important decisions and secondary ones - in reports.)

5. We are going to establishing the Common Ground in BP; unite all BP practitioners with awareness about origins of methods and history of names changing.

It is necessary to unite professionals close to BP from very old countries in the BP field (India, China, etc) and new countries as well, to modernize Eastern traditional systems, to adapt those to present times and use for benefit of all humans hidden treasure there is, and to expand contemporary approaches from the West – to find the way for fruitful integration.

6. To develop professional skills of local professionals to enable them to develop educational curriculum and programs for their society, in order to make the society able to communicate and learn from other societies and at the same time to be reasonably self-sufficient.

7. We have to make sure that accreditation of each BP school is based on achievements instead of economics, nationalities, race, religion or politics, etc. Introduce: Principles of reciprocity, fair-play, and similar.

To establish more categories in accreditation: Introduction level, Basic level and Advanced level, what is full certification.

8. We, humans, forget the essence again and again. We so easily get preoccupied with roles and influences. Thus, for example: a. Do not forget Wilhelm Reich and his study about emotional plague, like in the West, it is almost forgotten. The area of sexuality after Reich has  not been developed like other fields of Reichian work, and has been almost forgotten. Often it is objected to psychoanalysis that it neglects real depth of human nature, in order to be socially acceptable, And now, are Body-Psychotherapists aware that they are doing the same? We are going on with social sex taboo, and the sad result is that most psychotherapists do not know almost anything about Reich’s work on sexuality and its importance in life. b. Are we aware that there EXISTS a BLISS TABOO, also? Do we understand that the taboo on bliss keeps this consumer and alienated civilization running, and we do not dare face the truth? Work on Bliss as well as on Power in order to balance it.

c. Your contribution?

9. To exercise drives development in praxis, for example: Agrasms and Orgasm reflex. First people in power - Board and then Trainees. Within the frameworks of values, morality and love.

10. To be aware why BP are, in different parts of world, exposed today to the biggest pressure to alienation, in the name of Wilhelm Reich, or Shakti, etc.? My opinion is: Because it has the biggest potential to aliveness, capacity against alienation. That’s why: We must remember W.R. and his theories about vegetative process, pulsation and aliveness, or original work in Tantra, Krya Yoga, etc.

11. Use  A INDEX:

Alienation  -  Aliveness

Deadness  -  Life

Slavery  -  Freedom

Administration  - Creation

Power games  -  Humanism

Impulsivity  - Self direction

Or: Aliveness Quotient: AQ = aliveness / alienation x 100

Important question: is one BP school transferring:

Alive knowledge
(with love and deep values without production of alienation in system of lies and games or passivity)


     2. just a set of theories with methods and techniques

     (but essence is killed with administration in business management)

12. To create a World of Light for all!