World Council for Body Psychotherapy


Why we need World Council for Body Psychotherapy (WCBP) besides all Body Psychotherapy (BP) organizations?

First of all to form one unified modality of Body Psychotherapy. This modality is going to be a part of general knowledge in Psychotherapy, not something split and lost.

There is the situation in the world at the moment:: all the BP schools compete with each other, and then have internal splits. And now each has its own territory, its own “school”. Can each BP school add one perspective to Wholeness ?

We strongly support idea of ONE BP school. But the schools would have a hard time agreeing on this. Each school asks us to look at different things, different variables. For some it is the breathing for others the posture, the energy flow, the words, the trauma history, the pulsation, the process, the structure …. . And then they have built up their techniques around the observation of and work with these particular variables. So the schools cannot be added together easily.

WCBP project: What if one could identify what each school does best and have them teach only that? Then everyone could be part of a unified program by teaching, and then by studying and learning what the others have to offer. That would be one way to start.

WCBP can offer better balance and finally form ONE BP modality.