World Council for Body Psychotherapy

History - Foundation

WCBP is founded in November 2003 during WCP conference in Asia, India, Sagar in organization of Asian Federation for Psychotherapy. WCBP is part of WCP. Founders are colleagues all-round the world: from India, China, Russia, Nepal, Europe, America, Yugoslavia - Serbia, etc.

Conference Presidents, Professor Chidda Giri - Director of Training and Research Institute of  Yoga and Psychotherapy and Founder President of Yoga and Psychotherapy
association of India and Professor Alfred Pritz, Founder and Rector Sigmund Freud University, Vienna and WCP President, gave their ultimate support to WCBP and inaugurated it.

Founders of WCBP:
1. Prof. Ljiljana Klisic from Serbia (Yugoslavia) – WCBP President
University Professor ALU, Belgrade, Serbia and Director of Training in TePsyntesis
2. Prof. Ganesh Shankar from India – WCBP Vice President
Professor and Head Department of Yogic Science, Dr.Harisingh Gour University, Sagar, India

Other WCBP board members who were present and included in the board:
3. Prof. Mingyi Qian- Vice President of WCP and Professor of Psychology,
Beijing University, Beijing, China.
4. Prof. Yuji Sasaki- President of Japan Psychotherapy Association, Tokyo-
5. Prof. Makarov, V.V.-President of Russian Psychotherapy Association,
Moscow, Russia.
6. Prof. Ali Mohamad Godarzi- President of Iranian Psychotherapy Association,
Tehran, Iran.
7. Prof. Judy Kuriansky-Sex Psychologist- U.S.A
8. Prof. Fazia Sabbatini and Stefano Boni-Psychotherapist from Italy.
9. Swami Anant Bharti- Yoga Expert from India
10. Prof. Y.S. Vagrecha-Clinical Psychologist from India
11. Prof. Snezana Milenkovic- Psychotherapy Professor from Serbia
12. Prof. Narain Prakash- Yoga Psychotherapist from India
13. Dr. Nitin Korpal- Yoga Expert from India
14. Dr. Zoran Djuric – Psychotherapist from Serbia
15. Mg Branka Kocic – Homeopathy Body Psychotherapy from Serbia
16. Anja Djordjevic – students representative, Serbia
17. Dr. C.R. Stones, South Africa


Later, many other colleagues have joined to WCBP.